Metrolink:- NTA responds to GADRA questions on the 'Consultation' on the proposed Intervention shaft in Albert College park!

Please refer to the attached email at the end of this article.

GADRA are especially concerned in relation to the first response from Mr Creegan. The TII released to GADRA maps and a narrative of their plans for an above ground permanent structure located in Albert College park, just two working days before the submission closing date on the Preferred Route! GADRA immediately put this information on our website! GADRA feels that this information, which was NOT available on the TII website and was only provided to GADRA was NEW, RELEVANT and obviously AVAILABLE!

In our opinion this NEW information warranted and extension of the public consultation.  GADRA requested an extension, but was refused by TII. Of further concern is that the TII have proceeded to work on the design of this structure without ANY consultation on the position or impact of this shaft (and car park)! Our concern is that you (the public) are now being asked for your input into a predesigned structure and you are not being afforded full consultation on the issue of permanently taking public parkland for this structure! 

Please take note that Mr Creegan's response states:- "The information available for the Preferred Route consultation was fully appropriate for that stage of the overall scheme's development, and there was no new relevant information that would imminently be available that would have warranted an extension of that consultation period. Since then further design work has been undertaken and additional details are now available in relation to the proposed intervention shaft at Albert College Park."

Additional to all the above, GADRA also has concerns that this proposed 'consultation' is web based only! There are no open days and we do not understand how an intergal structure such as this shaft can be consulted on without reopening consultation on the full Preferred Route as any changes arising from this 'consultation' will have a knock on effect on the full route!

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