Election pledge in support of an underground Metro Station instead of the planned above ground Ventilation Shaft and ancillary works in Albert College Park!

GADRA have called on ALL candidates in the upcoming Election to support our Residents call for the proposed above ground Ventilation Shaft, (maintenance access and associated car park)  to be changed to an underground Metro Station ('Hampstead Station'), thus saving the park from a permanent above ground structure and providing ALL residents and commuters the substantial benefits of a Metro Station.

We are greatful to ALL the canididates listed below who have responded with their support. They are listed in the order of their reply. We will continue to update the list as the responses come in.

Candidates who have pledged their support and who have agreed to make a submission to the NTA requesting the above mentioned Metro Station are now listed directly below:-

Mary Fitzpatrick (FF)

Christy Burke (Ind)

Joe Costello (Lab)

Gary Gannon (SocDem)

Andrew Montague (Lab)

Marylou McDonald (SF)

Neasa Hourigan (GP)

Ian Smyth (Aontu)