The NTA announce the new Dublin Area Bus Network!

Implementation of this plan will start in 2021 on a phased basis. We note that is spite of our concern and many representations that GADRA and many residents within the area made in relation to the retention of the cross city 11 bus route, it appears that this route has been lost in this plan. It appears that there will be a route 19 that will service Wadeli and HomeFarm road but will terminate in Parnell Square and will only run once an hour. This will be a BIG loss to our area and again our elderly will be the biggest losers in this as they relied very heavily on the 11 route. We also note our concerns about this plan being based on the principle of multiple interchanges have not been addressed. Interchanges makes journeys difficult for anyone with mobility issues, a visual impairment or intellectual disability.

Please see the link below for details. This is a complicated document and complicated network and will take time to study. We recommend that all residents should  review this plan.