Griffith Avenue/Mobhi Rd/Ballymun Rd -junction!

Over 900 000 euro spent on Ballymun/Mobhi/Griffith Ave  Junction by NTA 

GADRA has been informed that the cost of Ballymun Road/ Mobhi Road /Griffith Avenue junction is confirmed by Dublin City Council as costing over 900 000 euro and further works will be required if BusConnects is approved. 

See below a Question Cllr Keith Connolly (FF) put at the recent Council meeting.



Question to the Chief Executive                             Council Meeting 5th December 2022


E&T    To ask the Chief Executive the total cost of installing the pedestrian and cycleway changes at Ballymun Road/Mobhi Road/Griffith Avenue junction and if he is aware of the changes required to the junction if the Bus Connects Core Bus Corridor Ballymun to City Centre route gets planning permission.


 The design of the new layout for the Ballymun Road/Mobhi Road/Griffith Avenue junction was fully funded by the NTA and was developed in consultation with the NTA’s Bus Connects Team. The designs sought to provide improve facilities for both pedestrians and cyclists while minimising future works required by Bus Connects should the route get planning permission. €341,317 was spent on these junction works in 2021 with a further €567,075 spent during 2022.

Contact:          Alec Dundon, Senior Executive Engineer